1. anlamı (i). düzen, tertip, idare, nizam, tanzim; eğilim, temayul; mizaç, tabiat, huy; istidat, hal. ,idare/uzlaşma/yapı/eğilim.
2. anlamı mizaç. karakter. doğa. yapı. düzenleme. eğilim. istek. isteklilik.


Disposition İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Disposition anlamları

  1. (noun) The act of disposing, arranging, ordering, regulating, or transferring; application; disposal; as, the disposition of a man's property by will.
  2. (noun) Tendency to any action or state resulting from natural constitution; nature; quality; as, a disposition in plants to grow in a direction upward; a disposition in bodies to putrefaction.
  3. (noun) The state or the manner of being disposed or arranged; distribution; arrangement; order; as, the disposition of the trees in an orchard; the disposition of the several parts of an edifice.
  4. (noun) Conscious inclination; propension or propensity.
  5. (noun) Mood; humor.
  6. (noun) Natural or prevailing spirit, or temperament of mind, especially as shown in intercourse with one's fellow-men; temper of mind.

Disposition tanım:

Kelime: dis·po·si·tion
Söyleniş: "dis-p&-'zi-sh&n
İşlev: noun
Kökeni: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin disposition-, dispositio, from disponere
1 : the act or the power of disposing or the state of being disposed : as a : ADMINISTRATION, CONTROL b : final arrangement : SETTLEMENT the disposition of the case c (1) : transfer to the care or possession of another (2) : the power of such transferal d : orderly arrangement
2 a : prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination b : temperamental makeup c : the tendency of something to act in a certain manner under given circumstances
- dis·po·si·tion·al /-'zish-n&l, -'zi-sh&-n&l/ adjective
synonyms DISPOSITION, TEMPERAMENT, TEMPER, CHARACTER, PERSONALITY mean the dominant quality or qualities distinguishing a person or group. DISPOSITION implies customary moods and attitude toward the life around one a cheerful disposition . TEMPERAMENT implies a pattern of innate characteristics associated with one's specific physical and nervous organization an artistic temperament . TEMPER implies the qualities acquired through experience that determine how a person or group meets difficulties or handles situations a resilient temper . CHARACTER applies to the aggregate of moral qualities by which a person is judged apart from intelligence, competence, or special talents strength of character . PERSONALITY applies to an aggregate of qualities that distinguish one as a person a somber personality .

Disposition ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Disposal, Temperament, Tendency,


İngilizce Disposition kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
s. disposición, determinación, mandamiento, ordenamiento; configuración, ordenación; inclinación, predisposición; actitud, estado de ánimo


İngilizce Disposition kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. disposition, inclination, relation; caractère; formation, déploiement; destination


İngilizce Disposition kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
n. Veranlagung, Disposition, Neigung; Aufstellung, Verteilung


İngilizce Disposition kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
s. carattere, indole, temperamento; disposizione, sistemazione, collocamento; volontà; definizione; (Dir) cessione, trasferimento; schieramento


İngilizce Disposition kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
s. disposição; ordem; distribuição; caráter; aptidão, inclinação


i. istek, eğilim; yaradılış, yapı, yetenek; düzen, kullanma yetkisi, tahsis, idare, emir, kural


Fransızca Disposition kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
(f) n. disposition, arrangement; layout; disposal, setting; application, forthcoming; clause; aptitude, mood, bent; regulation; provision; precaution, action


Almanca Disposition kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
n. tendency; character, nature, trait; arrangement, placement


İngilizce Disposition kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
zn. plaatsing, rangschikking; aard, neiging


n. tendency; character, nature, trait; arrangement, placement
n. disposition, tendency; character, nature, trait; arrangement, placement
n. disposition, arrangement; layout; disposal, setting; application, forthcoming; clause; aptitude, mood, bent; regulation; provision; precaution, action


Fransızca Disposition kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
1. (général) beschikking (f)2. (attitude) gezindheid (f); denkwijze (m/f); instelling (f)3. (idée) zienswijze (m/f); standpunt (n); opvatting (f); mening (f); kijk (m)
4. (adresse) gave (m/f); aanleg (m); talent (n); instelling (f)5. (impression) lay-out (m); opmaak (m)6. (projet) indeling (f)
7. (architecture) indeling (f)8. (avenir) voorziening (f)

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