İngilizcede green bir renktir (yeşil).

GREEN (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
1. f. yeşillendirmek
2. yeşile boyamak
3. yeşermek
4. yeşile boyanmak
5. i. yeşil
6. çimenlik
7. yeşil alan
8. yeşillik
9. golf sahası
10. gençlik
11. zindelik
12. para
13. s. yeşil
14. taze
15. ham
16. yeni
17. genç
18. toy
19. acemi
20. rengi atmış
21. hasta görünen
GREEN (türkçe) anlamı
22. (s.)
23. (i.) yeşil
24. yeşillikle kaplanmış
25. yeşermiş
26. taze
27. canlı
28. ham
29. pişkin olmayan
30. acemi
31. cahil
32. toy
33. yarışa girmemiş (at)
34. kurutulmamış
35. tuzlanmamış
36. pişmemiş
37. çiğ
38. soluk
39. rengi atmış (korku
40. mide bulantısı veya kıskançlıktan)
41. (i.) yeşil renk
43. 2. anlamı yeşil. (meyve) ham. olmamış. toy. deneyimsiz. saf. keriz. benzi sararmış. solgun. yeşillik. çayır. ç. yeşil yapraklı sebzeler.
1. n. color green
2. piece of grassy public land near or in a village
3. grassy area
4. lawn
5. putting green (Golf)
6. adj. of the color green
7. full of greenery
8. covered with greenery
9. raw
10. uncooked
11. immature
12. unripe
13. novice
14. inexperienced
15. vibrant
16. vigorous
17. sickly
18. n. green
19. putting green (Golf),

Green İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Green anlamları
    (v. i.) To become or grow green.(noun) A grassy plain or plat
20. a piece of ground covered with verdant herbage
21. as
22. the village green.(superl.) Having the color of grass when fresh and growing
23. resembling that color of the solar spectrum which is between the yellow and the blue
24. verdant
25. emerald.(superl.) Not seasoned
26. not dry
27. containing its natural juices
28. as
29. green wood
30. timber
31. etc.(superl.) Having a sickly color
32. wan.(v. t.) To make green.(superl.) Full of life aud vigor
33. fresh and vigorous
34. new
35. recent
36. as
37. a green manhood
38. a green wound.(noun) The color of growing plants
39. the color of the solar spectrum intermediate between the yellow and the blue.(superl.) Immature in age or experience
40. young
41. raw
42. not trained
43. awkward
44. as
45. green in years or judgment.(noun) pl. Leaves and stems of young plants
46. as spinach
47. beets
48. etc
49. which in their green state are boiled for food.(superl.) Not roasted
50. half raw.(noun) Fresh leaves or branches of trees or other plants
51. wreaths
52. -- usually in the plural.(noun) Any substance or pigment of a green color.(superl.) Not ripe
53. immature
54. not fully grown or ripened
55. as
56. green fruit
57. corn
58. vegetables
59. etc.
Green tanım:
Kelime: green
60. Söyleniş: 'grEn
61. İşlev: adjective
62. Kökeni: Middle English grene
63. from Old English grEne
64. akin to Old English grOwan to grow
65. 1 : of the color green
66. 2 a : covered by green growth or foliage green fields b of winter : MILD
67. CLEMENT c : consisting of green plants and usually edible herbage a green salad
68. 3 : pleasantly alluring
69. 4 : YOUTHFUL
71. 5 : not ripened or matured : IMMATURE green apples tender green grasses
72. 6 : FRESH
73. NEW
74. 7 a : marked by a pale
75. sickly
76. or nauseated appearance b : ENVIOUS 1 -- used especially in the phrase green with envy
77. 8 a : not fully processed or treated: as (1) : not aged green liquor (2) : not dressed or tanned green hides (3) : freshly sawed : UNSEASONED b : not in condition for a particular use
78. 9 a : deficient in training
79. knowledge
80. or experience b : deficient in sophistication and savoir faire : NAIVE c : not fully qualified for or experienced in a particular function green horse
81. 10 a often capitalized : relating to or being an environmentalist political movement b : concerned with or supporting environmentalism c : tending to preserve environmental quality (as by being recyclable
82. biodegradable
83. or nonpolluting)
84. - green·ish /'grE-nish/ adjective
85. - green·ish·ness noun
86. - green·ly adverb
87. - green·ness /'grE(n)-n&
88. s/ noun
89. - green around the gills : pale or sickly in appearance
Green ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
91. Commons
92. Covetous
93. Envious
94. Greenish
95. Greenness
96. Gullible
97. Immature
98. Jealous
99. Park
100. Putting green
101. Unripe
102. Viridity
Green ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler
104. Ripe
Green (ingilizce) fransızcası
1. n. vert (couleur)
2. terrain de golf
3. pelouse
4. adj. vert
5. pas mûr
6. bleu
7. pâlot
Green (ingilizce) almancası
1. n. Grün (Farbe)
2. Golfplatz
3. Rasen
4. Wiese
5. adj. grün
6. unreif
7. anfänglich
8. kränklich
Green (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. colore verde
2. prato
3. spiazzo erboso
4. (Sport) campo da golf
5. green
6. piazzuola
7. campo da bocce
8. agg. verde
9. giovane
10. giovanile
11. vigoroso
12. vegeto
13. imperituro
14. immaturo
15. acerbo
16. non stagionato
17. recente
18. fresco
19. (fig) principiante
20. inesperto
21. novellino
22. (fam) di primo pelo
23. ingenuo
24. semplicione
25. mite
Green (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. verde
2. verdor
3. césped
4. adj. verde
5. de color verde
6. de verde
7. bisoño
8. novato
Green (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. verde (cor)
2. campo de golfe
3. verdura
4. adj. verde
5. novato
6. fresco
7. recente
8. tolo
9. viscoso
Green (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. zn. groen (kleur)
2. golfterrein
3. grasveld
4. brink
5. baan
6. bn. groen
7. onrijp
8. ziekelijk
9. beginnend

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*Green , soyadı ve önyadı. ==Yerleşim yerleri== ===ABD=== *Green, Kaliforniya, Yolo County *Green, Kansas *Green, Ohio ==Bilim== * Green's function, ==Müzik== *Green , a 1988 album by R.E.M. *Green *Green *Green , a 1978 album by Steve Hillage *Green , a Chicago band * Green Day, a Californian punk band * "Green", one of the songs on the A-side of the "Days/Green", a 2008 single by Ayumi Hamasaki * Bein' Green, the trademark song of Kermit the Frog ==Hayali karakterler== *Green , a character in the video game Gunstar Heroes *Green , a character in Pokíémon Adventures *Mr. Green or Reverend Green, a character in the game Cluedo or Clue ==Diğer== * H. L. Green, formerly a chain of stores * GREEN, bkn. Enigma makinesi * GREEN (GREEN) == Ayrıca bakınız == * Greene } Green Green Green Green גרין Green Green グリーン 그린 Green Green Green Green กรีน Green 綠

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Green nerede?

Green haritadaki konumu

Şarkı Sözleri

Dandy Warhols tarafından söylenen Green adlı şarkının sözleri.

you opened the door,
i let myself in.
between you and me,
i only believe
what i want to believe.
i guess it’s because i’m
greener than green.
only because i’m green.
(repeat 2x)

i came up to your floor
you were dressed just a little
and it shut me down
quite sexually
like a pre-adolescent
becuase i’m greener than green.

only because greener then green.
only because i’m green.

Unhinged tarafından söylenen Green adlı şarkının sözleri.

time has made me green and i'm standing here alone
i've watched the changing scene, and i've no way to get home
you cannot pretend that our love is gone for good
don't take me for granted even though you think you should
can i once more be my true self
if headed for the gate
would you still be waiting for me
i hope you can stay
time has made me strange and i'm talking to myself
persistence cannot change what i see in someone else
smoke gets in your eyes when you burn the bridges past
razor blades of thought make the cuts of anger last
look me in the eyes and tell me
if there is another way
your life is ruined just because you
didn't wanna stay
goin' nowhere.....

Hooverphonic tarafından söylenen Green adlı şarkının sözleri.

sometime ago we broke up for no reason i know
why do i have this feeling you’re still in control
i’m confused like i’m used to whenever i’m in trouble again
but this time i have to grow up and learn to decide

the grass is greener on your side
it was always greener on your side
it will always be greener on your side

i’m way too nervous to be patient right now
why do i have this feeling i’m not in control
the price that i pay for in my almost obsessive devotion you see
is much higher than i would ever expect it to be

the grass is greener on your side
it was always greener on your side
it will always be greener on your side

it will always be greener on your side x5

the grass is greener on your side
it was always greener on your side
it will always be greener on your side

West Indian Girl tarafından söylenen Green adlı şarkının sözleri.

you feel inside so long ago a dream
the sky and sun were real and
everyone was there to wave you on
oh sister...oh mother...oh father
it takes by surprise that love never dies

everywhere everyone's a fighter above love
working alone so hard you try, its a bad day
so you talk talk to your spirit it gives you soul
never look down never look up from the world
you let go
oh sister...oh mother...oh father
i takes you by surprise
all those pictures we keep alive
when love never dies

nothing to collect or lose
the train is here it's slowing down for you
see all those years in their eyes
can you tell them have they loved or have they lied

the last light fades away
my image of you remains
you face the star it wont fall
then i know we fooled them all
getting older...getting older...getting older

Seven Nations tarafından söylenen Green adlı şarkının sözleri.

c'mon jamie we've got
we've got to hurry baby
we've got our tickets bought
we've got to make tracks lady

isn't that just me
i'm always lost in the future
making plans for some new scene
i'm always lost in some far off land
looking for a deeper shade of green
but jamie doesn't mind at all
she likes it that way

well, i've been thinkin', and i've been drinkinand i still cannot find a better place to come home to
it drives me crazy all these maybes
but still you're on the way i always come
running back to

lost in the future and i'm looking for
i'm looking for that scene
lost in the future and i'm looking for
i'm looking for that green
she likes it that way
she likes it that way, when she likes it
she likes it that way.

Forbidden tarafından söylenen Green adlı şarkının sözleri.

green - it's never enough
different shades bought and sold, illusion control
extortion incest
greed - it's never enough
they're building us up while they're tearing us down
on their hands is the blood of the ones who had made them
praise them, save them, break them

eyes - they watch from inside
so in god do we trust? paranoid? not enough
do you think that it's near?
yes i do i can feel it

you can't believe in them or what they say
their colors change
we should have never let them get away
my brothers

green is in their eyes, green surrounds you
lies, his story, our past

Blake Shelton tarafından söylenen Green adlı şarkının sözleri.

look out
people used to call me backwards
livin' out here with the tractors,
lettin' this world leave me behind
now-a-days i'm an innovator
i'm a country boy prognosticator
i'm a man ahead of my times

i've got a hundred acre farm
i've got a john deere in my barn
i've got a garden in my yard full of corn, peas and beans
i've got a guitar i play unplugged
i've got a home-grown girl i love
and when the summer time hits, we skinny dip in the stream
i was green before green was a thing

sheets on the clothes line dryin red tail hawks a flyin a couple of deer on the timber line
yeah, and i know a lot more about cane pole fishin then i ever will know about carbon emission
and my little corner of the world is doing just fine

i've got a hundred acre farm
i've got a john deere in my barn
i've got a garden in my yard full of corn, peas and beans
i've got a guitar i play unplugged
i've got a home-grown girl i love
and when the summer time hits, we skinny dip in the stream
i was green before green was a thing

yeah, i've got a hundred acre farm
i've got a john deere in my barn
i've got a garden in my yard full of root baked potatos and greens
i've got a guitar i play unplugged
i've got a home-grown girl i love
and when the summer time hits, we skinny dip in the stream
i was green before green was a thing
i was green before green was a thing
oh, yeah
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