Kısaca: High (Türkçe: Yüksek) Knut Anders Sørum tarafından seslendirilen ve 2004 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması'nda Norveç'i temsil eden şarkı. ...devamı ☟

EŞY şarkısı | Şarkı adı = High | Türkçesi = Yüksek | Resim = | Resim açıklama = | Yıl = 2004 | Ülke = Norveç | Sanatçı = Knut Anders Sí¸rum | Eşlik eden = | Besteci = | Söz yazarı = | Yöneten = | Dil = İngilizce | Süre = | Sıra = 24 | Puan = 3 | Yarı final sırası = | Yarı final puanı = | Albüm = | Web =

High.Knut Anders Sí¸rum tarafından seslendirilen ve 2004 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması`nda Norveç`i temsil eden şarkı.



1. anlamı (i). barometrenin yüksek olduğu bölge; argo esrar tesiri altında olma. on high gökte, semada.,yüksek,tam/bayat/yüksek,yükseğe/yüksekte.
2. anlamı yüksek. yüce. ulu. hayranlık uyandırıcı. (zaman) tam. (yiyecek) bayat. sarhoş. uyuşturucu etkisi altında. uçmuş. uçuşta. yükseğe. yüksekte. yüksek nokta. yüksek derece. doruk. büyük heyecan. coşku. mutluluk. yüksek yer.


High İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

High anlamları

  1. (superl.) Very abstract; difficult to comprehend or surmount; grand; noble.
  2. (noun) People of rank or high station; as, high and low.
  3. (superl.) Exalted in social standing or general estimation, or in rank, reputation, office, and the like; dignified; as, she was welcomed in the highest circles.
  4. (superl.) Strong-scented; slightly tainted; as, epicures do not cook game before it is high.
  5. (superl.) Arrogant; lofty; boastful; proud; ostentatious; -- used in a bad sense.
  6. (adv.) In a high manner; in a high place; to a great altitude; to a great degree; largely; in a superior manner; eminently; powerfully.
  7. (superl.) Elevated in character or quality, whether moral or intellectual; preeminent; honorable; as, high aims, or motives.
  8. (superl.) Costly; dear in price; extravagant; as, to hold goods at a high price.
  9. (noun) An elevated place; a superior region; a height; the sky; heaven.
  10. (superl.) Made with a high position of some part of the tongue in relation to the palate, as / (/ve), / (f/d). See Guide to Pronunciation, // 10, 11.
  11. (superl.) Possessing a characteristic quality in a supreme or superior degree; as, high (i. e., intense) heat; high (i. e., full or quite) noon; high (i. e., rich or spicy) seasoning; high (i. e., complete) pleasure; high (i. e., deep or vivid) color; high (i. e., extensive, thorough) scholarship, etc.
  12. (v. i.) To hie.
  13. (superl.) Elevated above any starting point of measurement, as a line, or surface; having altitude; lifted up; raised or extended in the direction of the zenith; lofty; tall; as, a high mountain, tower, tree; the sun is high.
  14. (noun) The highest card dealt or drawn.
  15. (v. i.) To rise; as, the sun higheth.
  16. (superl.) Regarded as raised up or elevated; distinguished; remarkable; conspicuous; superior; -- used indefinitely or relatively, and often in figurative senses, which are understood from the connection
  17. (superl.) Of noble birth; illustrious; as, of high family.
  18. (superl.) Acute or sharp; -- opposed to grave or low; as, a high note.
  19. (superl.) Of great strength, force, importance, and the like; strong; mighty; powerful; violent; sometimes, triumphant; victorious; majestic, etc.; as, a high wind; high passions.

High tanım:

Kelime: high
Söyleniş: 'hI
İşlev: adjective
Kökeni: Middle English, from Old English hEah; akin to Old High German hOh high, Lithuanian kaukaras hill
1 a : having large extension upward : taller than average, usual, or expected a high wall b : having a specified elevation : TALL six feet high -- often used in combinations sky-high waist-high
2 a (1) : advanced toward the acme or culmination high summer (2) : advanced toward the most active or culminating period on the Riviera during high season (3) : constituting the late, most fully developed, or most creative stage or period high Gothic (4) : advanced in complexity, development, or elaboration the higher apes higher mathematics b : verging on lateness -- usually used in the phrase high time c : long past : REMOTE high antiquity
3 : elevated in pitch a high note
4 : relatively far from the equator high latitude
5 : rich in quality : LUXURIOUS high living
6 : slightly tainted high game ; also : MALODOROUS smelled rather high
7 : exalted in character : NOBLE high purposes
8 : of greater degree, amount, cost, value, or content than average, usual, or expected high prices food high in iron the high bid
9 : of relatively great importance: as a : foremost in rank, dignity, or standing high officials b : SERIOUS, GRAVE high crimes c : observed with the utmost solemnity high religious observances d : CRITICAL, CLIMACTIC the high point of the novel e : intellectually or artistically of the first order high culture f : marked by sublime, heroic, or stirring events or subject matter high tragedy high adventure
10 : FORCIBLE, STRONG high winds
11 : stressing matters of doctrine and ceremony; specifically : HIGH CHURCH
12 a : filled with or expressing great joy or excitement high spirits b : INTOXICATED; also : excited or stupefied by or as if by a drug
13 : articulated with some part of the tongue close to the palate a high vowel
- high on : enthusiastically in favor or support of
synonyms HIGH, TALL, LOFTY mean above the average in height. HIGH implies marked extension upward and is applied chiefly to things which rise from a base or foundation or are placed at a conspicuous height above a lower level a high hill a high ceiling . TALL applies to what grows or rises high by comparison with others of its kind and usually implies relative narrowness a tall thin man . LOFTY suggests great or imposing altitude lofty mountain peaks .

High ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Eminent, Gamy, Mellow, Richly,

High ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler



İngilizce High kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
s. alto, punto alto
adj. alto, crecido, de mucha altura, elevado, encumbrado, subido; borracho
adv. a gran altura


İngilizce High kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. apogée; hauteur; sommet; grandeur; état d'euphorie
adj. haut, élevé, sublime; excité; fort; puissant; important; serieux, exalté, supérieur; drogué, sous l'influence de la drogue
adv. en haut, à une altitude supérieure; à un plus haut degré; de façon extravagante


İngilizce High kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
n. Hoch, Drucksystem (Meteorologie); Höchststand; hoher Gang (Auto); Rausch (Drogen); Zustand der Hochstimmung
adj. hoch, erhoben; teuer; aufgeregt; schrill; stark, kraftvoll; wichtig, ernst; hochrangig; unter dem Einfluss von Drogen (Umgangsprache)
adv. nach Oben; zu einem höheren Grad; auf extravagante Weise


İngilizce High kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
s. altura, posto elevato; (am) livello, culmine; (Meteor) zona d'alta pressione, anticiclone; (Mot) velocità elevata, presa diretta
agg. alto; elevato; principale, maggiore; importante; nobile, sublime; grande, rilevante; caro, costoso, salato; altezzoso, arrogante, superbo; ottimo, eccellente; forte, sonoro; (fam) alticcio, allegro
avv. in alto; su; lussuosamente


İngilizce High kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
s. altura; elevação; marcha alta; recorde
adj. alto, grande, elevado; superior; digno; embriagado, drogado
adv. altamente, a grande altura


i. yüksek yer, yüksek basınçlı bölge, büyük vites, rekor, zirve, uçma, lise
s. yüksek, yukarı, uyuşturucu almış, üst, büyük, şiddetli, aşırı, önemli, soylu, yüce, ileri, üstün, neşeli, sarhoş, uçmuş, esrarın etkisinde
zf. yüksekte, yükseğe, lüks içinde


Almanca High kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
n. high point, highest point; high gear (in an automobile); high pressure system (Meteorology); state of euphoria produced by drugs or alcohol (Slang); state of great excitement, high spirits


Flemenkçe High kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
pref. under the influence of drugs, intoxicated (Slang)


İngilizce High kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
zn. verheven; hoge versnelling; hoogtepunt
bn. hoog; adellijk; stoned (door de drugs)
bw. hoog, boven


n. high point, highest point; high gear (in an automobile); high pressure system (Meteorology); state of euphoria produced by drugs or alcohol (Slang); state of great excitement, high spirits
adj. tall, lofty, elevated; expensive, costly; excited, elated; high-pitched; strong, powerful; important, serious; exalted, superior; under the influence of drugs, intoxicated (Slang)
adv. upward, to a higher altitude; to a high degree; extravagantly


Flemenkçe High kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
(verdovende middelen) drogué; défoncé informal


Almanca High kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
adj. défoncé, euphorique, nuage: sur son petit nuage


Almanca High kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
adj. influenza: sotto l'influenza della droga


Almanca High kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
adj. emporrado

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