1. anlamı I, tıb, sign language sağır ve dilsizlerin işaretlerle konuştuklansign manual el yazısı imza sign painter tabela ressamı, araz; işaret, belirti, remiz, iz, alâmet, nişan; on iki burçtan biri, astr; levha, tabela; işaretim, ifade etmek, mucize işareti,.
2. anlamı istavroz. işaret. sembol. simge. gösterge. jest. belirti. nişan. alâmet. iz. semptom. burç. burç sembolü. tabela. isim levhası. mucize işareti. haç işareti. imzalamak. imza atmak. imza etmek. ismini yazmak. ima etmek. belirtmek. ifade etmek. işaret e. im.


Sign İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Sign anlamları

  1. (noun) To affix a signature to; to ratify by hand or seal; to subscribe in one's own handwriting.
  2. (noun) A motion, an action, or a gesture by which a thought is expressed, or a command or a wish made known.
  3. (v. i.) To be a sign or omen.
  4. (noun) A remarkable event, considered by the ancients as indicating the will of some deity; a prodigy; an omen.
  5. (noun) That by which anything is made known or represented; that which furnishes evidence; a mark; a token; an indication; a proof.
  6. (noun) A military emblem carried on a banner or a standard.
  7. (noun) Any symbol or emblem which prefigures, typifles, or represents, an idea; a type; hence, sometimes, a picture.
  8. (noun) To mark; to make distinguishable.
  9. (noun) To represent by a sign; to make known in a typical or emblematic manner, in distinction from speech; to signify.
  10. (noun) Any character, as a flat, sharp, dot, etc.
  11. (noun) An objective evidence of disease; that is, one appreciable by some one other than the patient.
  12. (noun) To assign or convey formally; -- used with away.
  13. (noun) A lettered board, or other conspicuous notice, placed upon or before a building, room, shop, or office to advertise the business there transacted, or the name of the person or firm carrying it on; a publicly displayed token or notice.
  14. (noun) Hence, one of the gestures of pantomime, or of a language of a signs such as those used by the North American Indians, or those used by the deaf and dumb.
  15. (noun) To make a sign upon; to mark with a sign.
  16. (v. i.) To make a sign or signal; to communicate directions or intelligence by signs.
  17. (noun) That which, being external, stands for, or signifies, something internal or spiritual; -- a term used in the Church of England in speaking of an ordinance considered with reference to that which it represents.
  18. (noun) An event considered by the Jews as indicating the divine will, or as manifesting an interposition of the divine power for some special end; a miracle; a wonder.
  19. (noun) The twelfth part of the ecliptic or zodiac.
  20. (noun) A character indicating the relation of quantities, or an operation performed upon them; as, the sign + (plus); the sign -- (minus); the sign of division Ö, and the like.
  21. (v. i.) To write one's name, esp. as a token of assent, responsibility, or obligation.
  22. (noun) Something serving to indicate the existence, or preserve the memory, of a thing; a token; a memorial; a monument.
  23. (noun) A word or a character regarded as the outward manifestation of thought; as, words are the sign of ideas.

Sign tanım:

Kelime: sign
Söyleniş: 'sIn
İşlev: noun
Kökeni: Middle English signe, from Old French, from Latin signum mark, token, sign, image, seal; perhaps akin to Latin secare to cut -- more at SAW
1 a : a motion or gesture by which a thought is expressed or a command or wish made known b : SIGNAL 2a c : a fundamental linguistic unit that designates an object or relation or has a purely syntactic function d : one of a set of gestures used to represent language; also : SIGN LANGUAGE
2 : a mark having a conventional meaning and used in place of words or to represent a complex notion
3 : one of the 12 divisions of the zodiac
4 a (1) : a character (as a flat or sharp) used in musical notation (2) : SEGNO b : a character (as ÷) indicating a mathematical operation; also : one of two characters and - that form part of the symbol of a number and characterize it as positive or negative
5 a : a display (as a lettered board or a configuration of neon tubing) used to identify or advertise a place of business or a product b : a posted command, warning, or direction c : SIGNBOARD
6 a : something material or external that stands for or signifies something spiritual b : something indicating the presence or existence of something else signs of success a sign of the times c : PRESAGE, PORTENT signs of an early spring d : an objective evidence of plant or animal disease
7 plural usually sign : traces of a usually wild animal red fox sign
- signed adjective
synonyms SIGN, MARK, TOKEN, NOTE, SYMPTOM mean a discernible indication of what is not itself directly perceptible. SIGN applies to any indication to be perceived by the senses or the reason encouraging signs for the economy . MARK suggests something impressed on or inherently characteristic of a thing often in contrast to general outward appearance a mark of a good upbringing . TOKEN applies to something that serves as a proof of something intangible this gift is a token of our esteem . NOTE suggests a distinguishing mark or characteristic a note of irony in her writing . SYMPTOM suggests an outward indication of an internal change or condition rampant crime is a symptom of that city's decay .

Sign ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Augury, Bless, Contract, Fee, Foretoken, Gestural, House, Mansion, Mark, Polarity, Ratify, Signal, Signaling, Signalize, Signboard, Signed, Subscribe,


İngilizce Sign kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
s. signo, símbolo; señal, índice, indicio, muestra, letrero, cartel, pancarta, rótulo; gesto, ademán; rastro, asomo, huella
v. firmar, refrendar, rubricar, signar, subscribir, suscribir; indicar, poner la firma, señalar


İngilizce Sign kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. signe, signal, marque, signe astrologique; enseigne
v. marquer; signer; faire signe; signaler; faire signer


İngilizce Sign kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
n. Zeichen; Hinweis; Wink; Schild
v. zeichnen; unterschreiben; signalisieren


İngilizce Sign kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
s. segno, prova, attestazione, testimonianza; cenno, gesto; (Mus) accidente, segno accidentale; carattere; insegna, targa, cartello; avviso, manifesto; (Strad) segnale; cartello indicatore
v. firmare, sottoscrivere; (rifl) firmarsi; ratificare, sanzionare; fare segno, comunicare con un gesto, accennare; segnare, contrassegnare; (rifl) segnarsi, farsi il segno della croce; ingaggiare


İngilizce Sign kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
s. marca; sinal; pista; placa; signo do zodíaco; símbolo
v. marcar; assinar; insinuar; rubricar; assinalar


f. imzalamak, imza atmak, imza etmek, ismini yazmak, ima etmek, belirtmek, ifade etmek, işaret etmek, işaretlemek
i. istavroz, işaret, sembol, simge, gösterge, jest, belirti, nişan, alâmet, iz, semptom, burç, burç sembolü, tabela, isim levhası, mucize işareti, haç işareti


İngilizce Sign kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
zn. bord; wenk; teken; gebaar; hint; kenmerk
ww. ondertekenen; tekenen; een teken geven (knipperlicht v. auto)


n. mark, symbol; signal, indication; hint, trace; notice, advertisement; astrological symbol; sign language, method of communication based on gestures and hand movements (commonly used by the hearing impaired)
v. mark, indicate; write one's name; signal, gesture; make someone write his name; communicate through sign language

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