Make dosyaları bir formdan diğerini çevirme işlemini otomatikleştiren bir araçtır. Bu işlemi, çevrilecek programların ihtiyaç duyacağı diğer programları kontrol ettikten sonra gerekli programları çalıştırarak çevirme işlemini gerçekleştirir. Çevrilen programı çalıştırmak için ihtiyaç duyulan diğer programlara bağımlılıklar denir. Unix/Linux tabanlı işletim sistemlerinde, kaynak kodu (source code) nesne koduna (object code) derlerken ve nesne kodlarını ...

MAKE (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
1. f. yapmak
2. etmek
3. yaptırmak
4. sağlamak
5. elde etmek
6. varmak
7. ilişki kurmak
8. i. yapı
9. yapılış şekli
10. biçim
11. verim
12. kazanç
MAKE (türkçe) anlamı
13. i. yapılış
14. yapı
15. şekil
16. biçim
17. mamulât
18. marka
19. hasılat
20. randıman
21. verim
22. elek. devrenin kapanması. be on the make k.dili kendi kazancı peşinde olmak
23. cinsi münasebet için eş aramak.
24. yapı/marka,make Xyap.
25. 2. anlamı yapmak. hazırlamak. düzeltmek. meydana getirmek. -e neden olmak. yapı. biçim. marka. çeşit.
1. n. model
2. type
3. v. construct from separate pieces
4. manufacture
5. cause to be
6. force
7. appoint
8. amount to
9. prepare
10. do
11. earn
12. perform
13. arrange
14. arrive in time
15. reach
16. become
17. estimate
18. judge
19. go in a certain direction,

Make İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Make anlamları
    (noun) A companion
20. a mate
21. often
22. a husband or a wife.(v. t.) To be engaged or concerned in.(v. t.) To put a desired or desirable condition
23. to cause to thrive.(v. i.) To increase
24. to augment
25. to accrue.(v. t.) To execute with the requisite formalities
26. as
27. to make a bill
28. note
29. will
30. deed
31. etc.(v. t.) To compose
32. as parts
33. ingredients
34. or materials
35. to constitute
36. to form
37. to amount to.(v. i.) To act in a certain manner
38. to have to do
39. to manage
40. to interfere
41. to be active
42. -- often in the phrase to meddle or make.(v. t.) To produce
43. as something artificial
44. unnatural
45. or false
46. -- often with up
47. as
48. to make up a story.(v. t.) To find
49. as the result of calculation or computation
50. to ascertain by enumeration
51. to find the number or amount of
52. by reckoning
53. weighing
54. measurement
55. and the like
56. as
57. he made the distance of
58. to travel over
59. as
60. the ship makes ten knots an hour
61. he made the distance in one day.(v. t.) To require
62. to constrain
63. to compel
64. to force
65. to cause
66. to occasion
67. -- followed by a noun or pronoun and infinitive.(v. t.) To gain
68. as the result of one's efforts
69. to get
70. as profit
71. to make acquisition of
72. to have accrue or happen to one
73. as
74. to make a large profit
75. to make an error
76. to make a loss
77. to make money.(v. i.) To proceed
78. to tend
79. to move
80. to go
81. as
82. he made toward home
83. the tiger made at the sportsmen.(v. t.) To reach
84. to attain
85. to arrive at or in sight of.(v. t.) To cause to appear to be
86. to constitute subjectively
87. to esteem
88. suppose
89. or represent.(v. t.) To bring about
90. to bring forward
91. to be the cause or agent of
92. to effect
93. do
94. perform
95. or execute
96. -- often used with a noun to form a phrase equivalent to the simple verb that corresponds to such noun
97. as
98. to make complaint
99. for to complain
100. to make record of
101. for to record
102. to make abode
103. for to abide
104. etc.(v. t.) To become
105. to be
106. or to be capable of being
107. changed or fashioned into
108. to do the part or office of
109. to furnish the material for
110. as
111. he will make a good musician
112. sweet cider makes sour vinegar
113. wool makes warm clothing.(v. i.) To compose verses
114. to write poetry
115. to versify.(v. i.) To tend
116. to contribute
117. to have effect
118. -- with for or against
119. as
120. it makes for his advantage.(v. t.) To cause to exist
121. to bring into being
122. to form
123. to produce
124. to frame
125. to fashion
126. to create.(noun) Structure
127. texture
128. constitution of parts
129. construction
130. shape
131. form.(v. t.) To form of materials
132. to cause to exist in a certain form
133. to construct
134. to fabricate.(v. t.) To cause to be or become
135. to put into a given state verb
136. or adjective
137. to constitute
138. as
139. to make known
140. to make public
141. to make fast.
Make tanım:
Kelime: make
142. Söyleniş: 'mAk
143. İşlev: verb
144. Türleri: made /'mAd/
145. mak·ing
146. Kökeni: Middle English
147. from Old English macian
148. akin to Old High German mahhOn to prepare
149. make
150. Greek magEnai to be kneaded
151. Old Church Slavonic mazati to anoint
152. smear
153. transitive senses
154. 1 a obsolete : BEHAVE
155. ACT b : to seem to begin (an action) made to go
156. 2 a : to cause to happen to or be experienced by someone made trouble for us b : to cause to exist
157. occur
158. or appear : CREATE make a disturbance c : to favor the growth or occurrence of haste makes waste d : to fit
159. intend
160. or destine by or as if by creating was made to be an actor
161. 3 a : to bring into being by forming
162. shaping
163. or altering material : FASHION make a dress b : COMPOSE
164. WRITE make verses c : to lay out and construct make a road
165. 4 : to frame or formulate in the mind make plans
166. 5 : to put together from components : CONSTITUTE houses made of stone
167. 6 a : to compute or estimate to be b : to form and hold in the mind make no doubt of it
168. 7 a : to assemble and set alight the materials for (a fire) b : to set in order make beds c : PREPARE
169. FIX make dinner d : to shuffle (a deck of cards) in preparation for dealing
170. 8 : to prepare (hay) by cutting
171. drying
172. and storing
173. 9 a : to cause to be or become made them happy b : APPOINT made him bishop
174. 10 a : ENACT
175. ESTABLISH make laws b : to execute in an appropriate manner make a will c : SET
176. NAME make a price
177. 11 a chiefly dialect : SHUT the doors are made against you -- Shakespeare b : to cause (an electric circuit) to be completed
178. 12 a : to conclude as to the nature or meaning of something what do you make of this development? b : to regard as being not the fool some make him
179. 13 a : to carry out (an action indicated or implied by the object) make war make a speech b : to perform with a bodily movement make a sweeping gesture c : to achieve by traversing make a detour making the rounds
180. 14 a : to produce as a result of action
181. effort
182. or behavior with respect to something make a mess of the job tried to make a thorough job of it b archaic : to turn into another language by translation
183. 15 : to cause to act in a certain way : COMPEL make her give it back
184. 16 : to cause or assure the success or prosperity of can either make you or break you
185. 17 a : to amount to in significance makes a great difference b : to form the essential being of clothes make the man c : to form by an assembling of individuals make a quorum d : to count as that makes the third time you've said it
186. 18 a : to be or be capable of being changed or fashioned into rags make the best paper b : to develop into she will make a fine judge c : FORM 6b
187. 19 a : REACH
188. ATTAIN -- often used with it you'll never make it that far
189. also : SURVIVE half the cubs won't make it through their first year b : to gain the rank of make major c : to gain a place on or in make the team the story made the papers
190. 20 : to gain (as money) by working
191. trading
192. or dealing make a living
193. 21 a : to act so as to win or acquire makes friends easily b : to score (points) in a game or sport c : to convert (a split) into a spare in bowling
194. 22 a : to fulfill (a contract) in a card game b : to win a trick with (a card)
195. 23 a : to include in a route or itinerary make New York on the return trip make it to the party b : CATCH 6b made the bus just in time
196. 24 : to persuade to consent to sexual intercourse : SEDUCE
197. 25 : to provide the most enjoyable or satisfying experience of meeting the star of the show really made our day
198. intransitive senses
199. 1 archaic : to compose poetry
200. 2 a : BEHAVE
201. ACT b : to begin or seem to begin a certain action made as though to hand it to me c : to act so as to be or to seem to be make merry d slang : to play a part -- usually used with like
202. 3 : SET OUT
203. HEAD made after the fox made straight for home
204. 4 : to increase in height or size the tide is making now
205. 5 : to reach or extend in a certain direction
206. 6 : to have considerable effect courtesy makes for safer driving
207. 7 : to undergo manufacture or processing the silk makes up beautifully
208. - make a face : to distort one's features : GRIMACE
209. - make a mountain out of a molehill : to treat a trifling matter as of great importance
210. - make away with 1 : to carry off : STEAL 2 : KILL
211. - make believe : PRETEND
212. FEIGN
213. - make bold : VENTURE
214. DARE
215. - make book : to accept bets at calculated odds on all the entrants in a race or contest
216. - make common cause : to unite to achieve a shared goal
217. - make do : to get along or manage with the means at hand
218. - make ends meet : to make one's means adequate to one's needs
219. - make eyes : OGLE
220. - make fun of : to make an object of amusement or laughter : RIDICULE
221. MOCK
222. - make good 1 : to make valid or complete: as a : to make up for (a deficiency) b : INDEMNIFY make good the loss c : to carry out successfully made good his promise made good their escape d : PROVE made good a charge 2 : to prove to be capable also : SUCCEED
223. - make hay : to make use of offered opportunity especially in gaining an early advantage
224. - make head 1 : to make progress especially against resistance 2 : to rise in armed revolt
225. - make it 1 : to be successful trying to make it in the big time as a fashion photographer -- Joe Kane the crè
226. me brû
227. lé
228. e didn't quite make it 2 : to have sexual intercourse
229. - make light of : to treat as of little account
230. - make love 1 : WOO
231. COURT 2 a : NECK
232. PET b : to engage in sexual intercourse
233. - make much of 1 : to treat as of importance 2 : to treat with obvious affection or special consideration
234. - make no bones : to be straightforward
235. unhesitating
236. or sure makes no bones about the seriousness of the matter
237. - make one's mark : to achieve success or fame
238. - make public : DISCLOSE
239. - make sail 1 : to raise or spread sail 2 : to set out on a voyage
240. - make shift : to manage with difficulty
241. - make sport of : RIDICULE
242. MOCK
243. - make the grade : to measure up to some standard : be successful
244. - make the most of : to show or use to the best advantage
245. - make the scene : to be present at or participate in a usually specified activity or event
246. - make time 1 : to travel fast 2 : to gain time 3 : to make progress toward winning favor trying to make time with the waitress
247. - make tracks 1 : to proceed at a walk or run 2 : to go in a hurry : RUN AWAY
248. FLEE
249. - make use of : to put to use : EMPLOY
250. - make water 1 of a boat : LEAK 2 : URINATE
251. - make waves : to create a stir or disturbance
252. - make way 1 : to give room for passing
253. entering
254. or occupying 2 : to make progress
255. - make with slang : PRODUCE
256. PERFORM -- usually used with the
Make ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
258. Brand
259. Build
260. Cause
261. Clear
262. Constitute
263. Construct
264. Cook
265. Crap
266. Create
267. Defecate
268. Do
269. Draw
270. Earn
271. Establish
272. Fix
273. Form
274. Gain
275. Get
276. Give
277. Have
278. Hit
279. Hold
280. Induce
281. Name
282. Nominate
283. Pee
284. Piddle
285. Piss
286. Prepare
287. Produce
288. Puddle
289. Reach
290. Ready
291. Realize
292. Score
293. Seduce
294. Shuffle
295. Shuffling
296. Stimulate
297. Take
298. Throw
299. Urinate
300. Wee
301. Work
Make ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler
303. Undo
304. Unmake
Make (ingilizce) fransızcası
1. n. fabrication
2. façon
3. genre
4. v. faire
5. fabriquer
6. construire
7. créer
8. amener à
Make (ingilizce) almancası
1. n. Fabrikat
2. Ausführung
3. Machart
4. Marke
5. Fabrikation
6. v. machen
7. bauen
8. anlegen
9. herstellen
10. produzieren
11. anfertigen
12. fabrizieren
13. schaffen
14. zubereiten
15. bilden
16. formulieren (Gesetz)
Make (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. fattura
2. fabbricazione
3. produzione
4. costituzione
5. indole
6. carattere
7. (El) chiusura
8. v. fare
9. costruire
10. fabbricare
11. creare
12. concepire
13. costituire
14. comporre
15. porre in atto
16. nominare
17. eleggere
18. rendere
19. (rifl) farsi
20. obbligare
21. costringere
22. far sembrare
23. accendere
24. rifare
25. rassettare
Make (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. marca
2. v. hacer
3. efectuar
4. ocasionar
5. confeccionar
6. construir
7. crear
8. elaborar
9. fabricar
10. generar
11. manufacturar
12. poner
13. integrar
Make (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. fabricação
2. tipo
3. v. fazer
4. criar
5. causar
6. tornar
Make (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. zn. merk
2. ww. maken
3. vervaardigen
4. veroorzaken
5. creëren

Make hakkında bilgiler

Make dosyaları bir formdan diğerini çevirme işlemini otomatikleştiren bir araçtır. Bu işlemi, çevrilecek programların ihtiyaç duyacağı diğer programları kontrol ettikten sonra gerekli programları çalıştırarak çevirme işlemini gerçekleştirir. Çevrilen programı çalıştırmak için ihtiyaç duyulan diğer programlara bağımlılıklar denir. Unix/Linux tabanlı işletim sistemlerinde, kaynak kodu (source code) nesne koduna (object code) derlerken ve nesne kodlarını çalıştırılabilir (executable) ve kütüphane (library) dosyalarına bağlarken (linking) sıkılıkla kullanılır. Bağımlılık grafiğini çıkarmak için "Makefile" ismi verilen bir dosya kullanır ve shell`e (kabuk) geçirilmek üzere kullanılan betikleri (script) oluşturur.

Makefile Yapısı

Makefile bir grup dosyaya bağlı olarak, bir dosyayı ya da kural adını tanımlayan metin satırlarından oluşur. Çıktı dosyaları bağlı oldukları kaynak dosyalarına ve kaynak dosyalarda içinden dahil edildikleri dosyalara göre işaretlenirler. Her bir bağımlılık listelendikten sonra, tab ile boşluk bırakılmış satır dizileri girdi dosyalarının çıktı dosyalarına nasıl dönüştürüleceğini tanımlar (eğer girdi dosyaları çıktılardan daha önce değişikliğe uğramış ise). Bu tip tanımlamalara "build scripts" adı verilir ve hedef dosyayı oluşturması için shell` e geçirilir. Basit bir Makefile yapısı aşağıdaki gibidir.

  1. Yorumlar buraya yazılır
target: dependencies
command 1
command 2
command n

Makefile çeşitli değişken tanımları içerebildiği gibi diğer Makefile` lardan alıntıda yapabilir. Makefile içerisindeki değişkenler komut satırından geçirilecek olan değerlerle değiştirilebilir. Bu kullanıcıya build script` ler için farklı davranışlar tanımlayabilmesini sağlar ve programları diğerleri arasından nasıl çağarabileceğini belirler. Örneğin, Makefile lardaki "CC" değişkeni sıklıkla C derleyicisine referans için kullanılır ve kullanıcı farklı bir derleyiciyi kullanmak maksadıyla tanımlayabilir.

Bu sayfa, online kullanıcı topluluğu tarafından oluşturulan ve düzenlenen özgür ansiklopedi projesi Wikipedia'nın Türkçe versiyonu Vikipedi'deki Make maddesinden faydalanılarak veya ilgili madde birebir kopyalanarak hazırlanmıştır. Bu makale, GNU Özgür Belgeleme Lisansı ilkeleri kapsamında, Vikipedi sitesi kaynak gösterilerek özgürce kullanılabilir.
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Make dosyaları bir formdan diğerini çevirme işlemini otomatikleştiren bir araçtır. Bu işlemi, çevrilecek programların ihtiyaç duyacağı diğer programları kontrol ettikten sonra gerekli programları çalıştırarak çevirme işlemini gerçekleştirir.

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