1. anlamı (i.) duruş, yatış, mevki; kazanç üstünden hisse; argo yol, meslek; bir halatın bükümü veya büküm tarzı. lay days (den.) yükleme ve boşaltma süresi. lay of the land etrafın hal ve şekli; durum, vaziyet.,şiir/yatış,uzman olmayan/halka ait,lay yay/y.
2. anlamı yaymak. sermek. koymak. dizmek. yerleştirmek. döşemek. sürmek. değdirmek. hazırlamak. yumurtlamak. yatıştırmak. yüklemek. isnat etmek. yatırmak. üstüne oynamak. kab. arg. düzmek. s*kmek. kaymak. rahip sınıfından olmayan. (hukuk.tıp.vb. belli bir öğrenim d.


f. koymak, yerleştirmek, sermek, kurmak, hazırlamak, sunmak, ileri sürmek, yüklemek, dinmek, yatmak, sevişmek, yumurtlamak, bahse girmek
i. konum, mevki, durum, hal, yatma, sevişme, şarkı sözü, şarkı, türkü
s. meslekten olmayan, rahip olmayan


Lay İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Lay anlamları

  1. (v. t.) A share of the proceeds or profits of an enterprise; as, when a man ships for a whaling voyage, he agrees for a certain lay.
  2. (noun) That which lies or is laid or is conceived of as having been laid or placed in its position; a row; a stratum; a layer; as, a lay of stone or wood.
  3. (v. t.) To apply; to put.
  4. (v. t.) To point; to aim; as, to lay a gun.
  5. (v. t.) To spread on a surface; as, to lay plaster or paint.
  6. (a.) A song; a simple lyrical poem; a ballad.
  7. (v. i.) To take a position; to come or go; as, to lay forward; to lay aloft.
  8. (v. t.) A plan; a scheme.
  9. (a.) Of or pertaining to the laity, as distinct from the clergy; as, a lay person; a lay preacher; a lay brother.
  10. (v. t.) To deposit, as a wager; to stake; to risk.
  11. (imp.) of Lie, to recline.
  12. (v. i.) To produce and deposit eggs.
  13. (v. t.) A measure of yarn; a lea. See 1st Lea (a).
  14. (noun) The laity; the common people.
  15. (v. t.) To cause to lie dead or dying.
  16. (v. t.) To cause to lie down, to be prostrate, or to lie against something; to put or set down; to deposit; as, to lay a book on the table; to lay a body in the grave; a shower lays the dust.
  17. (noun) A meadow. See Lea.
  18. (v. t.) To place (new type) properly in the cases.
  19. (a.) Not belonging to, or emanating from, a particular profession; unprofessional; as, a lay opinion regarding the nature of a disease.
  20. (v. t.) To impute; to charge; to allege.
  21. (noun) Faith; creed; religious profession.
  22. (v. t.) To place in position; to establish firmly; to arrange with regularity; to dispose in ranks or tiers; as, to lay a corner stone; to lay bricks in a wall; to lay the covers on a table.
  23. (v. t.) To put the strands of (a rope, a cable, etc.) in their proper places and twist or unite them; as, to lay a cable or rope.
  24. (v. t.) To state; to allege; as, to lay the venue.
  25. (v. i.) To lay a wager; to bet.
  26. (v. t.) To prepare; to make ready; to contrive; to provide; as, to lay a snare, an ambush, or a plan.
  27. (v. t.) To cause to be still; to calm; to allay; to suppress; to exorcise, as an evil spirit.
  28. (v. t.) A job, price, or profit.
  29. (v. t.) To present or offer; as, to lay an indictment in a particular county; to lay a scheme before one.
  30. (a.) A melody; any musical utterance.
  31. (v. t.) To impose, as a burden, suffering, or punishment; to assess, as a tax; as, to lay a tax on land.
  32. (noun) A law.
  33. (v. t.) To place and arrange (pages) for a form upon the imposing stone.
  34. (v. t.) A wager.
  35. (v. t.) To bring forth and deposit; as, to lay eggs.
  36. (a.) Not educated or cultivated; ignorant.
  37. (v. t.) To impose, as a command or a duty; as, to lay commands on one.
  38. (noun) An obligation; a vow.
  39. (v. t.) The lathe of a loom. See Lathe, 3.
  40. (imp.) of Lie

Lay tanım:

Kelime: lay
Söyleniş: 'lA
İşlev: verb
Türleri: laid /'lAd/; lay·ing
Kökeni: Middle English leyen, from Old English lecgan; akin to Old English licgan to lie -- more at LIE
transitive senses
1 : to beat or strike down with force
2 a : to put or set down b : to place for rest or sleep; especially : BURY
3 : to bring forth and deposit (an egg)
4 : CALM, ALLAY lay the dust
6 : to press down giving a smooth and even surface
7 a : to dispose or spread over or on a surface lay track lay plaster b : to set in order or position lay a table for dinner lay brick c : to put (strands) in place and twist to form a rope, hawser, or cable; also : to make by so doing lay up rope
8 a : to impose as a duty, burden, or punishment lay a tax b : to put as a burden of reproach laid the blame on her c : to advance as an accusation : IMPUTE the disaster was laid to faulty inspection
9 : to place (something immaterial) on something lay stress on grammar
10 : PREPARE, CONTRIVE a well-laid plan
11 a : to bring against or into contact with something : APPLY laid the watch to his ear b : to prepare or position for action or operation lay a fire in the fireplace ; also : to adjust (a gun) to the proper direction and elevation
12 : to bring to a specified condition lay waste the land
13 a : ASSERT, ALLEGE lay claim to an estate b : to submit for examination and judgment laid her case before the commission
14 sometimes vulgar : to copulate with
intransitive senses
1 : to produce and deposit eggs
2 nonstandard : 1LIE
4 dialect : PLAN, PREPARE
5 a : to apply oneself vigorously laid to his oars b : to proceed to a specified place or position on a ship lay aloft
- lay on the table 1 : to remove (a parliamentary motion) from consideration indefinitely 2 British : to put (as legislation) on the agenda
usage LAY has been used intransitively in the sense of "lie" since the 14th century. The practice was unremarked until around 1770; attempts to correct it have been a fixture of schoolbooks ever since. Generations of teachers and critics have succeeded in taming most literary and learned writing, but intransitive lay persists in familiar speech and is a bit more common in general prose than one might suspect. Much of the problem lies in the confusing similarity of the principal parts of the two words. Another influence may be a folk belief that lie is for people and lay is for things. Some commentators are ready to abandon the distinction, suggesting that lay is on the rise socially. But if it does rise to respectability, it is sure to do so slowly: many people have invested effort in learning to keep lie and lay distinct. Remember that even though many people do use lay for lie, others will judge you unfavorably if you do.

Lay ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Ballad, Laic, Place, Pose, Position, Put, Repose, Secular, Set,


n. way in which something is laid or lies (especially of a country); (Slang) sexual partner (vulgar); (Slang) sexual intercourse (vulgar)
n. poem which tells a story (especially one that can be sung); song
v. place in a horizontal position; set in place; produce and deposit (an egg or eggs); present, propose; prepare; spread out; put; set; deposit; locate; cause; appease; cause to subside or end; bet, wager


İngilizce Lay kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
s. canción, lay, melodía
s. poema narrativo; endecha, canción
v. colocar, poner, situar


İngilizce Lay kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. configuration; situation; configuration d'un terrain; forme; arrangement, disposition; compagne de lit; luge (familier)
n. lai, poème narratif; poème, chanson
v. coucher; poser, placer, mettre; présenter; disposer; arranger; calmer; parier; mettre au pieu, baiser (argot)


İngilizce Lay kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
[lie] v. liegen; ruhen; brachliegen; begraben; stillstehen (Maschine)
n. Laikal, Laie; Lage; Sexualpartner; einer der mit jedem ins Bett geht
n. Lied, Melodie; Loblied


İngilizce Lay kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
s. posizione, disposizione; il deporre le uova; (tecn) commettitura; (Mar) partecipazione agli utili, interessenza; prezzo; (fam) piano, progetto, proposito; lavoro, attività; (fam) scommessa
v. porre, deporre, appoggiare, posare; stendere, distendere; abbattere, buttare giù, atterrare; calmare, placare; fare; scommettere, puntare; muovere, avanzare, presentare, esporre; riversare, imputare
agg. laico; profano, incompetente; comune; secolare


İngilizce Lay kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
s. programa, situação, frente da- (região, coisa e etc...); forma, arranjo; companheira de cama; coito (gíria)
s. canção, canto; poema narrativo, balada
v. pôr, meter, colocar, estender, enterrar, deitar, acalmar, aquietar, aplacar; ordenar, mandar; traçar, projetar


İngilizce Lay kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
zn. toestand; leg (v. kip); stand van zaken; wip, nummertje; plechtig lied, zang; iem. die bed deelt
zn. lied, vers, ballade
ww. neerleggen; leggen; dekken; voorleggen (voor mij); opleggen; plaatsen; veroorzaken; klaarmaken; wedden; wonen

Lay (Fam) sözleri

Fam tarafından albümünde söylenen Lay adlı şarkının sözleri.

[Pharrell] OWW!! Getting!!

[Chorus - Fam-Lay]

When the car roll up and windows roll down

And you see the sawed off, nigga better hit the ground

We getting busy!! You better haul ass dawg!

You better haul ass! You better haul ass dawg!

You better haul ass! (OWW!! getting!!.. OWW!!)

[Verse - Fam-Lay]

I'm blasting, nigga laying in the street cause

Talked shit, so I hit 'em wit the heat

Runts moving, keys like oz's

Like a cliental, errbody know me

Running! running from the 5-0

Drug life, and it's all about survival

Hustla, known worldwide dawg

I'm in the game and I'm bout to drive by y'all

Gambler, 4 - 5 - 6ing it

10 grand in the bank and I'm sticking it

Bitches, got 'em by the dozens

From their mammy, to their sisters to their couzins

Star Trak, is the crew that I run with

Nigga don't get murdered over dumb shit

Fuck you! it's how I'm caring if

Nigga try to start beef and we burn it


[Verse - Fam-Lay]

Hey look I'm sick of niggaz saying what they gon do when they see me

Soon as they see they don't do shit

The nigga Fam-Lay too slick

I got a handful of guns and a few clips stupid

You keep sending death threats, uh! and I ain't seen death yet

Nigga I can't help that I ain't been murdered in my life, look

Look I been stopped giving a fuck about living

Ever since I got beat up by them faggot ass cops

But now I just stand on my block and drink liquor

Wit my niggaz and my bitches and we keep them gats cocked

Uh! won't hesistate to blast you niggaz

Spray your corner, bodies falls in the Ac my nigga

Uh! I'm pulling out the dagger nigga

Cause when I finish wit these shells I'm a stab a nigga


[Bridge - Pharrell Williams] (Fam-Lay)

Let me tell ya boss ballin, I'm boss ballin (Fam-Lay!)

I'm boss ballin, I'm boss ballin (Norfolk!)

I'm boss ballin, I'm boss ballin (Huntersville!)

I'm boss ballin, I'm boss ballin but let me tell ya

Boss ballin, I'm boss ballin (with the Clipse!)

I'm boss ballin, I'm boss ballin (Coldchain!)

I'm boss ballin, I'm boss ballin (Star Trak!)

I'm boss ballin, I'm boss ballin

[Verse - Fam-Lay]

Nigga fuck all that punchline shit, that young rhyme shit

That shit that might blow only one time shit

Cause when I rhyme bitch, my rhymes fit

The mind of a gangsta is all time, bitch!

Kill who you riding wit

I got some niggaz from Virginia riding wit me

And them niggaz trying to buy this shit

So fuck who you party wit!

Cause we get high as the Karate Kid, now let's go!

Pop junk, I pop trunks; Got a 10 shot glock pump

That'll stop trucks, ya cocksucker!

Shoot a lead trying to get a rep

I shoot the lead at his head now his man tryin to get 'em help

Fam don't play wit chirin [children]

Act stupid, act dumb, act foolish, act deaf like you ain't hear em

Bring it to the forefront, I got a lotta niggaz that tote guns

Now let's do it!

[Chorus] (w/ bridge in background)