1. anlamı 3-13. yüzyıllarda İngiliz İskandinav dillerinde kullanılan alfabenin harflerinin her biri. Göktürk yazıtlarında kullanılan yazı türünün harflerinden her biri.
2. anlamı kısa gezi; gösterim süresi, oynama süresi; tutulan yol; seğirtme, koşma; bir seferlik verim, parti; uzantı; serbest giriş veya kullanım hakkı; koşu; işleme süresi; koşuş; eğilim, gidişat; koşulan veya gidilen mesafe; tekrar, seri; kaçık.
3. anlamı koşmak. çabuk gitmek. çabuk yürümek. seğirtmek. koşturmak. yarıştırmak. koşma. koşu. yarış. gidilen ya da koşulan mesafe. yolculuk. balık sürüsü. akış. seyir. cereyan. istek. rağbet. serbestçe kullanma ya da dolaşma. çeşit. sınıf. ard arda geliş. devam. ç.


Run İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Run anlamları

  1. (noun) A number of cards of the same suit in sequence; as, a run of four in hearts.
  2. (noun) The distance a ball travels after touching the ground from a stroke.
  3. (v. t.) To strike (the ball) in such a way as to cause it to run along the ground, as when approaching a hole.
  4. (noun) The movement communicated to a golf ball by running.
  5. () of Run
  6. (a.) To go swiftly; to pass at a swift pace; to hasten.
  7. (noun) A small stream; a brook; a creek.
  8. (noun) The aftermost part of a vessel's hull where it narrows toward the stern, under the quarter.
  9. (a.) To have a legal course; to be attached; to continue in force, effect, or operation; to follow; to go in company; as, certain covenants run with the land.
  10. (a.) To creep, as serpents.
  11. (noun) A pair or set of millstones.
  12. (a.) To spread and blend together; to unite; as, colors run in washing.
  13. (v. i.) To go through or accomplish by running; as, to run a race; to run a certain career.
  14. (a.) To continue in operation; to be kept in action or motion; as, this engine runs night and day; the mill runs six days in the week.
  15. (noun) The act of migrating, or ascending a river to spawn; -- said of fish; also, an assemblage or school of fishes which migrate, or ascend a river for the purpose of spawning.
  16. (a.) To move, proceed, advance, pass, go, come, etc., swiftly, smoothly, or with quick action; -- said of things animate or inanimate. Hence, to flow, glide, or roll onward, as a stream, a snake, a wagon, etc.; to move by quicker action than in walking, as a person, a horse, a dog.
  17. (a.) To make numerous drafts or demands for payment, as upon a bank; -- with on.
  18. (a.) To become fluid; to melt; to fuse.
  19. (noun) The horizontal distance to which a drift may be carried, either by license of the proprietor of a mine or by the nature of the formation; also, the direction which a vein of ore or other substance takes.
  20. (a.) To contend in a race; hence, to enter into a contest; to become a candidate; as, to run for Congress.
  21. (noun) State of being current; currency; popularity.
  22. (a.) Specifically, of a horse: To move rapidly in a gait in which each leg acts in turn as a propeller and a supporter, and in which for an instant all the limbs are gathered in the air under the body.
  23. (v. i.) To fuse; to shape; to mold; to cast; as, to run bullets, and the like.
  24. (v. i.) To cause to stand as a candidate for office; to support for office; as, to run some one for Congress.
  25. (a.) To make progress; to proceed; to pass.
  26. (a.) To be popularly known; to be generally received.
  27. (v. i.) To encounter or incur, as a danger or risk; as, to run the risk of losing one's life. See To run the chances, below.
  28. (a.) To flow, as a liquid; to ascend or descend; to course; as, rivers run to the sea; sap runs up in the spring; her blood ran cold.
  29. (v. i.) To tease with sarcasms and ridicule.
  30. (a.) To be played on the stage a number of successive days or nights; as, the piece ran for six months.
  31. (v. i.) To pursue in thought; to carry in contemplation.
  32. (noun) A voyage; as, a run to China.
  33. (a.) To discharge pus or other matter; as, an ulcer runs.
  34. (a.) To exert continuous activity; to proceed; as, to run through life; to run in a circle.
  35. (v. t.) To cause to run (in the various senses of Run, v. i.); as, to run a horse; to run a stage; to run a machine; to run a rope through a block.
  36. (a.) To move rapidly by springing steps so that there is an instant in each step when neither foot touches the ground; -- so distinguished from walking in athletic competition.
  37. (a.) To proceed along a surface; to extend; to spread.
  38. (a.) To flee, as from fear or danger.
  39. (noun) A pleasure excursion; a trip.
  40. (a.) To turn, as a wheel; to revolve on an axis or pivot; as, a wheel runs swiftly round.
  41. (a.) To sail before the wind, in distinction from reaching or sailing closehauled; -- said of vessels.
  42. (noun) The distance sailed by a ship; as, a good run; a run of fifty miles.
  43. (a.) To extend; to reach; as, the road runs from Philadelphia to New York; the memory of man runneth not to the contrary.
  44. (v. i.) To put at hazard; to venture; to risk.
  45. (noun) The greatest degree of swiftness in marching. It is executed upon the same principles as the double-quick, but with greater speed.
  46. (a.) To pass from one state or condition to another; to come into a certain condition; -- often with in or into; as, to run into evil practices; to run in debt.
  47. (a.) To travel; to make progress; to be moved by mechanical means; to go; as, the steamboat runs regularly to Albany; the train runs to Chicago.
  48. (v. i.) To discharge; to emit; to give forth copiously; to be bathed with; as, the pipe or faucet runs hot water.
  49. (a.) To have a course or direction; as, a line runs east and west.
  50. (a.) Melted, or made from molten material; cast in a mold; as, run butter; run iron or lead.
  51. (a.) To discuss; to continue to think or speak about something; -- with on.
  52. (a.) Smuggled; as, run goods.
  53. (v. i.) To drive or force; to cause, or permit, to be driven.
  54. (v. i.) To sew, as a seam, by passing the needle through material in a continuous line, generally taking a series of stitches on the needle at the same time.
  55. (a.) To be in form thus, as a combination of words.
  56. (v. i.) To be charged with, or to contain much of, while flowing; as, the rivers ran blood.
  57. (v. i.) To cause to pass, or evade, offical restrictions; to smuggle; -- said of contraband or dutiable goods.
  58. (noun) A continuing urgent demand; especially, a pressure on a bank or treasury for payment of its notes.
  59. (noun) A roulade, or series of running tones.
  60. (noun) A course; a series; that which continues in a certain course or series; as, a run of good or bad luck.
  61. (v. i.) To cause to enter; to thrust; as, to run a sword into or through the body; to run a nail into the foot.
  62. (v. i.) To migrate or move in schools; -- said of fish; esp., to ascend a river in order to spawn.
  63. (v. i.) To conduct; to manage; to carry on; as, to run a factory or a hotel.
  64. (a.) To have growth or development; as, boys and girls run up rapidly.
  65. (a.) To steal off; to depart secretly.
  66. (p. p.) of Run
  67. (a.) To continue without falling due; to hold good; as, a note has thirty days to run.
  68. (v. i.) To cause to be drawn; to mark out; to indicate; to determine; as, to run a line.
  69. (noun) The act of running; as, a long run; a good run; a quick run; to go on the run.
  70. (noun) That which runs or flows in the course of a certain operation, or during a certain time; as, a run of must in wine making; the first run of sap in a maple orchard.
  71. (a.) To pass or go quickly in thought or conversation; as, to run from one subject to another.
  72. (noun) In baseball, a complete circuit of the bases made by a player, which enables him to score one; in cricket, a passing from one wicket to the other, by which one point is scored; as, a player made three runs; the side went out with two hundred runs.
  73. (noun) A range or extent of ground for feeding stock; as, a sheep run.
  74. (a.) To tend, as to an effect or consequence; to incline.
  75. (a.) To go back and forth from place to place; to ply; as, the stage runs between the hotel and the station.
  76. (noun) Continued repetition on the stage; -- said of a play; as, to have a run of a hundred successive nights.

Run tanım:

Kelime: run
Söyleniş: 'r&n
İşlev: verb
Türleri: ran /'ran/; also chiefly dialect run; run; run·ning
Kökeni: Middle English ronnen, alteration of rinnen, v.i. (from Old English iernan, rinnan & Old Norse rinna) & of rennen, v.t., from Old Norse renna; akin to Old High German rinnan, v.i., to run, Sanskrit rinAti he causes to flow, and probably to Latin rivus stream
intransitive senses
1 a : to go faster than a walk; specifically : to go steadily by springing steps so that both feet leave the ground for an instant in each step b of a horse : to move at a fast gallop c : FLEE, RETREAT, ESCAPE dropped the gun and ran d : to utilize a running play on offense -- used of a football team
2 a : to go without restraint : move freely about at will let chickens run loose b : to keep company : CONSORT a ram running with ewes ran with a wild crowd when he was young c : to sail before the wind in distinction from reaching or sailing close-hauled d : ROAM, ROVE running about with no overcoat
3 a : to go rapidly or hurriedly : HASTEN run and fetch the doctor b : to go in urgency or distress : RESORT runs to mother at every little difficulty c : to make a quick, easy, or casual trip or visit ran over to borrow some sugar
4 a : to contend in a race b : to enter into an election contest
5 a : to move on or as if on wheels : GLIDE file drawers running on ball bearings b : to roll forward rapidly or freely c : to pass or slide freely a rope runs through the pulley d : to ravel lengthwise stockings guaranteed not to run
6 : to sing or play a musical passage quickly run up the scale
7 a : to go back and forth : PLY the train runs between New York and Washington b of fish : to migrate or move in considerable numbers; especially : to move up or down a river to spawn
8 a : TURN, ROTATE a swiftly running grindstone b : FUNCTION, OPERATE the engine runs on gasoline
9 a (1) : to continue in force, operation, or production the contract has two more years to run the play ran for six months (2) : to have a specified duration, extent, or length the manuscript runs nearly 500 pages b : to accompany as a valid obligation or right a right-of-way that runs with the land c : to continue to accrue or become payable interest on the loan runs from July 1st
10 : to pass from one state to another run into debt
11 a : to flow rapidly or under pressure b : MELT, FUSE c : SPREAD, DISSOLVE colors guaranteed not to run d : to discharge pus or serum a running sore
12 a : to develop rapidly in some specific direction; especially : to throw out an elongated shoot of growth b : to tend to produce or develop a specified quality or feature they run to big noses in that family
13 a : to lie in or take a certain direction the boundary line runs east b : to lie or extend in relation to something c : to go back : REACH d (1) : to be in a certain form or expression the letter runs as follows (2) : to be in a certain order of succession
14 a : to occur persistently musical talent runs in the family b (1) : to remain of a specified size, amount, character, or quality profits were running high (2) : to have or maintain a relative position or condition (as in a race) ran third running late c : to exist or occur in a continuous range of variation shades run from white to dark gray
15 a : to spread or pass quickly from point to point chills ran up her spine b : to be current : CIRCULATE speculation ran rife
transitive senses
1 a : to cause (an animal) to go rapidly : ride or drive fast b : to bring to a specified condition by or as if by running ran himself to death c : to go in pursuit of : HUNT, CHASE dogs that run deer d : to follow the trail of backward : TRACE ran the rumor to its source e : to enter, register, or enroll as a contestant in a race f : to put forward as a candidate for office
2 a : to drive (livestock) especially to a grazing place b : to provide pasturage for (livestock) c : to keep or maintain (livestock) on or as if on pasturage
3 a : to pass over or traverse with speed b : to accomplish or perform by or as if by running ran a great race running errands for a bank c : to slip or go through or past run a blockade run a red light
4 a : to cause to penetrate or enter : THRUST ran a splinter into her toe b : STITCH c : to cause to pass : LEAD run a wire in from the antenna d : to cause to collide ran his head into a post e : SMUGGLE run guns
5 : to cause to pass lightly or quickly over, along, or into something ran her eye down the list
6 a : to cause or allow (as a vehicle or a vessel) to go in a specified manner or direction ran the car off the road b : OPERATE run a lathe c : to direct the business or activities of : MANAGE, CONDUCT run a factory
7 a : to be full of or drenched with streets ran blood b : CONTAIN, ASSAY
8 a : to cause to move or flow in a specified way or into a specified position run cards into a file b : to cause to produce a flow (as of water) run the faucet ; also : to prepare by running a faucet run a hot bath
9 a : to melt and cast in a mold run bullets b : TREAT, PROCESS, REFINE run oil in a still run a problem through a computer
10 : to make oneself liable to : INCUR ran the risk of discovery
11 : to mark out : DRAW run a contour line on a map
12 a : to permit (as charges) to accumulate before settling run an account at the grocery -- often used with up ran up a large phone bill b : COST 1 rooms that run $50 a night
13 a : to produce by or as if by printing -- usually used with off ran off 10,000 copies of the first edition b : to carry in a printed medium : PRINT every newspaper ran the story
14 a : to make (a series of counts) without a miss run 19 in an inning in billiards b : to lead winning cards of (a suit) successively c : to alter by addition ran his record to six wins and four losses
15 : to make (a golf ball) roll forward after alighting
- run across : to meet with or discover by chance
- run a fever or run a temperature : to have a fever
- run after 1 : PURSUE, CHASE esp : to seek the company of 2 : to take up with : FOLLOW run after new theories
- run against 1 : to meet suddenly or unexpectedly 2 : to work or take effect unfavorably to : DISFAVOR, OPPOSE
- run foul of 1 : to collide with ran foul of a hidden reef 2 : to come into conflict with run foul of the law
- run into 1 a : to change or transform into : BECOME b : to merge with c : to mount up to their yearly income often runs into six figures 2 a : to collide with b : to meet by chance ran into an old classmate the other day
- run low on : to approach running out of running low on options
- run rings around : to show marked superiority over : defeat decisively or overwhelmingly
- run riot 1 : to act wildly or without restraint 2 : to occur in profusion daffodils running riot
- run short : to become insufficient
- run short of : to use up : run low on
- run to : to mount up to the book runs to 500 pages
- run upon : to run across : meet with
usage The past tense run still survives in speech in southern England and in the speech especially of older people in some parts of the U.S. It was formerly used in literature, and was a standard variant in our dictionaries from 1828 until 1934. Grammarians have generally opposed it, and many people consider it nonstandard. Just about everybody uses ran in writing now.

Run ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Bleed, Bunk, Campaign, Carry, Consort, Course, Discharge, Draw, Endure, Extend, Flow, Function, Go, Guide, Hunt, Incline, Ladder, Lam, Lead, Lean, Melt, Move, Operate, Pass, Persist, Play, Ply, Prevail, Race, Range, Ravel, Rill, Rivulet, Runnel, Running, Streak, Streamlet, Tally, Tend, Test, Trial, Unravel, Work,

Run ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler



İngilizce Run kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
s. carrera, corrida, estampida
v. correr, apresurarse, darse prisa, marchar; poner a funcionar, fluir; (inform.) activar, poner en funcionamiento, ejecutar un programa, correr un programa


İngilizce Run kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. course; déroute; promenade; direction; cours; marche; séquence (cartes); suite; série; ligne; généralité; commun; descente, ruée; libre accès; galerie; roulade (Musique); maille qui file (dans un collant); effort brutal
v. courir; fuir; se sauver; mettre en marche; aller, marcher; file, faire route (Nautique); fonctionner, marcher; déteindre; filer, se démailler; couler; s'étendre; diriger, tenir; exploiter; gérer; tracer (ligne); exécuter un programme (Informatique)


İngilizce Run kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
n. Rennen; Lauf; Lauf (der Dinge); Auslauf; Fahrt; reguläre Strecke; Run (Cricket); Durchfall; Laufmasche
v. laufen, hereingelaufen, rennen, davonlaufen, weglaufen, wegrennen, gleiten, rollen, fließen, tränen; (Comput) ein Programm laufen lassen


İngilizce Run kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
s. corsa; l'affrettarsi, il precipitarsi; scappata, salto; fuga; passeggiata, gita, giro; percorso, tragitto; serie, seguito, sequela; andamento; forte richiesta; smagliatura; pista; (fam) accesso; run
v. correre; scappare; far correre; mettere in azione; gestire; dirigere; (inform.) eseguire un programma; attivare; azionare


İngilizce Run kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
s. corrida; distância; marcha; viagem; jornada; derrota; série; falha (na meia)
v. correr; fugir, escapar; executar um programa (Informática); realizar, cumprir; funcionar; ativar; administrar, dirigir; fazer; tornar-se, ficar; calcular; escorrer; concorrer, competir; durar, continuar


f. koşmak, kaçmak, tabanları yağlamak, geçip gitmek, yarışmak, yarışa katılmak, aday olmak, adaylığını koymak, gitmek (gemi), sürü halinde gitmek, işlemek, gidip gelmek (arasında), akmak, geçmek, uzanmak, sızmak, erimek, geçerli olmak, yürürlükte olmak,
i. koşu, koşma, yarış, sefer, seyir, gezinti, kaçamak, talep, kaçık, çorap kaçığı, rağbet, otlak, kümes bahçesi, verim, gösterim, süre, devam süresi, sürü, balık sürüsü, çoğunluk, maden damarı, dere, çay, akış
s. kaçak


Almanca Run kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
v. jog or move at a pace faster than that of walking; flee, escape; pass, vanish; operate, activate; manage, direct; become; carry out, fulfill; continue, last; leak, drip; spread; compete


Flemenkçe Run kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
n. tan, bark, crush


İngilizce Run kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
zn. hardlopen; afstand; rit; gedeelte; serie; "trein ", aanval
ww. rennen, weglopen; laten lopen; een programma starten (in computers); overgaan, laten lopen, beheren; voorbereiden; oprichten; voldoen; waarmaken; doorgaan; lekken; uitkleden; moeite doen


n. instance of jogging or moving quickly; distance, range; journey, trip; track, path; series, sequence; tear in a nylon stocking; aggressive effort
v. jog or move at a pace faster than that of walking; flee, escape; pass, vanish; operate, activate; manage, direct; become; carry out, fulfill; continue, last; leak, drip; spread; compete
n. tan, bark, crush


Almanca Run kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. ruée (f)


Almanca Run kelimesinin Türkçe karşılığı.
i. akın (m)


Türkçe Run kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
n. Rune

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